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Report Bad Landlords for Spring and Summer 2014



The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the tenants are moving! It’s that time of year again. The snow has barely melted and two moving trucks have already rolled out on my block.

If you are getting out of a nasty apartment, please report your bad landlord here. I am looking for the name of the owner or owners, the street address, what problems you had and any other information you want to pass along to warn other people. Photographs are welcome.

Sadly someone did not Google a bad landlord that was previously listed here but did write in to advise the warning on this blog was accurate. Some more comments have appeared on the two scams that I reported on. If you find anyone who is taking deposits and rent money up front for an apartment search, run away! If you find anything else suspicious or out of the ordinary for a rental agreement, please share your information here or email it in to this blog.

Slumlord Busted! Now the Fun Begins.



Hello, Everyone!  I owe you an update. Being trapped by poverty and the rising rents in my area, having dogs and no options to move, after two fires in the building and no alarms going off, I called a city inspector. It took months for anyone to show up, too. I though saying the words “two fires” would put some hustle into a response, but no such luck.

The inspector found a whopping gas leak from multiple sources in the basement that could has killed the tenants on the first floor if not all of us. The city did put the big smack down on my slumlord for thousands of dollars in fines and many more in needed repairs. The building I live in still needs to pass an engineering inspection and could still be condemned. The current new repairs have made this dump kind of nice. No repairs were made to my unit, so the ceiling still leaks and other bad things.

I had let the inspector go through every nook and cranny of the building, and the slumlord damn well knows it was me. He immediately ordered us to move, and we do not have a lease. Our slumlord was stalking and harassing us every time he saw us in person. He does not have a job of any kind so he can hang around all day long and all week long for as long as he wants. We did to him what he has done for six years: we lied. We said we were looking for a new place. This is sort of true as our desperate search for anything we can afford has lasted years. The slumlord kept demanding we get out and there was a stalemate. The fines and repairs cost him thousands and we are still a source of income. We have paid rent on time and he has cashed all the checks for months.

Part of the issue is that our slumlord does not own the building. His mother owns it. It was years before I learned that fact. He says he owns it, he acts like he owns it, he signs leases but he is just a proxy. This is a legal limbo since I am not sure he has the authority to evict us. I am finding this happens a lot in Chicago. The “owner” you may be speaking to or used to dealing with could just be a manager, friend, relative or other proxy and not the legal owner. Check county records for the deed and see who really owns where you live. You might be surprised. If someone’s name is not on the title, that person does not own a thing.

I spoke with an attorney and learned our slumlord is going to lose big if he does serve eviction papers, because that would be overt proof of retaliation against us. I exercised my legal right to call a city inspector. The attorney I spoke with was sharp, went over the details of my situation quickly. He told me we can 1. sue for decrease in rent: since the apartment was not up to code for a number of years so we are entitled to a decrease in rent by getting a percentage of rent paid back, maybe about 20% of our monthly rent payment; 2. we can sue him for retaliation under tenant’s rights laws if the landlord serves us papers and tries to evict us in court (or as the lawyer put it “he is going to regret it, seriously”); and 3. we could sue him for violation for the Chicago tenants code for security deposit and interest, plus attorneys fess / consultation. At least that is what I understand from the conversation I had with the attorney. We can’t afford $1500 to hire the attorney but may have to pull something together in an emergency some day. I’m keeping the attorney’s number handy. I called a lot of other attorneys and got their dippy assistants, or worse, their dippy own selves. Trust me, if an attorney can’t get the basic facts of your case right in the first go-through, they do not care or just need to retire. If you need a litigator, you want a shark. You want someone who can think fast, knows the laws inside and out and will bite hard.

I tried emailing and calling two Chicago tenant’s rights groups and they were useless. It was like they were not able to understand what I needed from them [prompt legal help] or they refused to understand. I kept getting the same responses to go to the same web sites that were no help! Maybe I needed to try and meet with someone in person. If anyone can suggest a group or organization that has it together and actually helps, I’m interested. Having called the city inspector would not be an issue if the slumlord did not promptly retaliate with verbal evictions and if he did fix the stuff in our apartment. Since the slumlord is at maximum hostility and refuses to fix stuff for our unit, the only changes have been exterior building improvements, pest removal and basement repairs. That has been 50% of the equation. We’re biting the bullet on the problems with our unit in the mean time. I climbed out onto the roof to plastic seal over one of the broken windows now that it is winter. We are going live in the current stand-off situation for as long as possible.



Slumlord Reported: Marlene & Terry Dunn, 3858 – 3860 N. St. Louis, Chicago IL 60618; Carl Usry; Juan & Lilia Diaz, 4841 N. Kostner, Chicago, Illinois

A reader has sent a report in on three previous bad landlords listed as:
  1. Marlene & Terry Dunn, 3858 – 3860 N. St. Louis, Chicago IL 60618
  2. Carl Usry
  3. Juan & Lilia Diaz, 4841 N. Kostner, Chicago, Illinois
The reader reports that the Chicago Department of Buildings website offer some protection from bad locations and should be used but that it is an insufficient singular protection.  Health issues that impacted her children have been severe.  Just as with a prior complainant’s report, one slumlord is CPD.  
Complaints are given as:
The slumlords names are Marlene & Terry Dunn. I forgot their address but I know it’s the 5100 block of North Kolmar here in Chicago - (773) 991-7112 is the bitch’s number . I have been checking Craigslist to see if she would post that dump for rent & sure enough she did (raised the rent $50.00 more too!) I just want to warn people about that building because it is SO dangerous and disgusting it’s unreal. They brag how they have owned it for over 30 years & how they take trips here and there while their dilapidated building sits and rots, they are laughing all the way to the bank.




My kids got SO sick the last few months living there I was ready to sue her ass.  My youngest daughter ended up in the ER because she couldn’t breathe & we spent the entire month before moving at the doctor – She got asthma and was put on 3 different inhalers: constant headaches (everyone) weird rashes.. the works! That place is running rampant with mold & I lost all of my furniture because of it.  Anything you couldn’t throw in the washer or wipe down you could consider gone – some of the clothes were so badly molded they couldn’t be saved. I called the city inspectors out and they came, were not interested in the mold a single bit.  They wanted to get into the basement really bad, I’m positive they have been to that dump before because the guy knew exactly where all the light switches were :|   He was too busy telling me about how his basement flooded etc.  I looked up the report on the Chicago department of buildings website and what a JOKE! he put “mild mold” what a slap in the face! This slumlord has 2 gas dryers in the basement that are not vented outside but rather vented through the enclosed back porch, I told the inspector that and I guess that’s not an issue?! He didn’t even write it in the report.

I’m not surprised though cause this isn’t the first inspector I have dealt with my kids have been pretty much guinea pigs for slumlord ridden buildings for the past 15 years.  My oldest daughter who is now 17 got lead poisoning when she was 2 years old ..the highest  in a Chicago child’s blood ever her level was 204 which is unheard of. I couldn’t tell you how many inspectors came to that building and got paid off because nothing ever happened to the slumlord and the back porch which made her sick (painted with lead) is STILL in the same condition it was 15 years ago. You can add that slumlords name to the list as well. Carl Usry – I don’t have any info for him  -hopefully he’s dead by now :) My daughter has suffered her entire life because of that lead poisoning and he walked away like it didn’t matter.


Another slumlord you can add is Juan & Lilia Diaz (think they skipped town) the address is 4841 N. Kostner, Chicago, Illinois – lived there for 3 years ..always paid cash in rent (HUGE MISTAKE!) never had a problem until my son got sick from mold then spent a week in the hospital, told those slumlords he got sick from their dump and the next thing I knew the sheriff was knocking on my door with eviction papers.  Those cowards went to a lawyer and told him we hadn’t paid the rent in two months! LIES! I went to a lawyer and counter sued..they didn’t even show up.  It turns out that building had been in foreclosure  the last year we lived there and they were pocketing every dime I gave them.  I called the city inspector to come out and got the report back and he put “claim has no merit” tell that to my son who was gasping for air in the hospital. Back to the dump I just moved out of – a few fun facts about that place.


Forget about using the heater – the sewer is  constantly backing up and the sewer hole is located right next to the heater in the basement so when you turn your heat on (the vents are on the floor) the smell will make you puke & on the rare occasion that it’s not backed up there is a constant foul -hard to describe: musty, moldy old basement smell coming up.
Back in January or February the guy upstairs died and was dead on the toilet for a week or so.  The slumlords came and got a nasty little surprise. The neighbor next door said she seen the slumlord go into his car and grab a bottle of Windex out of his trunk.. I don’t think they were cleaning the windows. That’s their idea of “cleaning” bodily fluids.  I suppose, anything to save a dime.


There are two illegal apartments in that building [4841 N. Kostner] on the 2nd and 3rd floor: one way in and one way out.  It’s a revolving door over there.  People don’t stay long. You’ll have strangers knocking on your door asking if they can cut through your apartment because they can’t get through the back door.


The cops are always flashing flashlights through the front windows in the middle of the night looking for the scum bags who used to live there even though you have told them a million times they no longer  live there.
They bring “repair” people in who are flat out alcoholics and drug addicts into your apartment to “fix” stuff  and it’s done SO half-assed they shouldn’t even bother. Any little thing will take them FOREVER and they wanna sit in your apartment the entire time.
They have a “repair” guy named Carlos who is a complete and utter moron.  He has no clue what he is doing and she had him replace the bathroom floor, only because it was falling in.  The whole time he was doing the floor he kept saying he “didn’t know what he was doing but would try his best”.  He cracked a tile on the last day and it spider webbed the whole floor.  The floor was still falling in; he did a horrible job. When you fill the bath tub up with water and drain it the entire bathroom floods.  The cap on the floor wasn’t replaced.  Carlos told her about it, her answer: “caulk it”.  After they “repaired” the bathroom is was a mess and a half.  I told her ‘this bathroom is falling apart. I’m sick of it.’ She just gave me a stupid look like “oh well”.


All the floors are falling in and if you don’t have  a library of books to level every single piece of furniture you place on that floor, you’re screwed! I got a bulging disc in my neck because the bedroom floor was SO bad I had to put a stupid amount of books under it to try and level it out a bit.  That bedroom is a slanted hill, I’m not kidding. Her answer: “maybe you need a new mattress” I had a new mattress, a $1,400 one to be exact that got thrown away because it was ruined from mold.


If you wanna sleep at night, forget it. There is a nut job upstairs who vacuums 24/7.  The front stairs are ALWAYS buzzing with loud mouth drunks day and night who party all night until the wee hours of the morning, the big mouth on the 3rd floor likes to take cigarette breaks every 10-15 minutes on the back porch starting from 9-10pm until 3 in the morning and talking as loud as she possibly can.  If by the rare chance the building is quiet the house next door will make up for it: dogs constantly barking, people whistling  all night long in the gangway so the dope dealer can bring out drugs , LOUD music day and night. They like to shoot over there too especially in the summer – gang ridden area and is getting worse & their favorite thing is breaking out car windows! It happens every single day on that block, all you see is broken glass on the ground over there.


They tap off other peoples electricity so they can have those illegal apartments.


They NEVER clean the hallways, shovel snow or throw down salt.


Had Carlos spend months on end doing her dirty work in the basement nailing pieces of wood, ply wood etc.. to the ceilings to hide the fact that the floors are falling apart and falling through.


The building has NEVER been registered with the city and they refuse to put a management sign on the outside.  The slumlord is a retired cop so I guess they’re special.
The slumlord will carry a bible around with him like he’s a fricking saint, fist full of cash in one hand, bible in the other… pathetic!


They should be forced to tear down that building at their own expense since they “own buildings” and all.  They’re milking it for every dime they can and it’s sickening. I lived there for 23 LONG months and paid them a total of $20,125.00  and they didn’t put a dime back into it.  It’s a crying shame.


I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of stuff but you get the idea, hopefully the word will get out and no one will ever rent from these assholes. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed in that dump and then, maybe they will be forced to shut it down but I doubt it.  The Chicago Department of Buildings is a joke and I am glad I finally have a beautiful apartment with landlords who actually maintain their building and care about their tenants.  It’s a rare find in this city and I couldn’t be happier!
Take it from me because, sadly, I learned the hard way about rotten, money grubbing slumlords.  ALWAYS check the Chicago Department of Buildings website reports before you rent a place, you can learn lots about a building before renting and if they have complaint after complaint against them then move on.  Never pay cash, ever.  People are SO evil they will stop at nothing to make you the bad guy even though they are in the wrong, hence Juan & Lilia Diaz.


If you don’t mind please don’t use my name or email if you post this.. you can put all of the above if you want because it’s all true. If you have any questions or have trouble with viewing the pic’s please let me know.


Thank you for creating a site, it’s about time someone stands up to these vultures.


Scam Alert: First House Financial


First House Financial is located in Petaluma, California, is not a Chicago company and has dozens upon dozens of apartment listings on Craigslist Chicago that are not actual apartments for rent.  The scam is to peddle a list of foreclosures in the area and repeat the billing cycle for more money.  The representatives on the phone act like they are a leasing agency and push hard for you to “get started” and “sign up” with a $149 fee.  Again, rental agencies are paid by the landlords, not by people looking for apartments. reports once they get your information and initial fee, they keep billing you to get more money and the people whose residences on the foreclosure list are not usually not participating or even aware of this list and thus little to nothing is available to rent.


Complaints processed by BBB claim that 1) consumers believe they are signing up to receive rental listings, what they receive are listing for homes in foreclosure with very little information provided. 2) At the time of signing up customers are told there is only a one time fee, when in fact there is a monthly fee. When customers try to cancel, they are told there is a $5.00 fee. 3) Customers calling to resolve issues are talked to rudely and in some cases hung up on.

The company responded:

On September 10, 2012 First House Financial responded to BBB by stating: The consumer can just rent as negotiated with the distressed property owner. Many distressed property owners lists their homes for rent which could lead to them displaying in our search results.


Scam Alert: My Place Apartments aka Shaw Real Estate Group, Inc.

This is a scam / fraud alert for rental agency: 

Shaw Real Estate Group, Inc.
dba My Place Apartments

“Robert Sher, Agent”

2451 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60614
773-975-9400 or

They are using highly unorthodox methods that are predatory for entrapment of people seeking an apartment to rent.  This firm acts like they are going to find the best possible apartment for special needs clients such are people with pets, those who have a troubled credit history or anyone who may have trouble with a background check.  They want to take the amount of money you would pay for the first month’s rent and hold it, then look for a place for the client to live.  In the employee’s exact words “we will find you the place to live”.  Their credit report and background check is radically overpriced at $60 per person, which would be $120 for two tenants, $180 for three tenants and so on.

Absolutely no apartment finding service should be handling your rent or deposit money.  There is no need for them to have your money hostage in any way nor should they be earning interest on your funds.  Apartment finding services and Realtors are paid by the landlords who hire them to find tenants to lease property; landlords pay for the service.  A basic $20-$30 fee for a credit report is not unreasonable but you are better off getting one on your own from a bank or credit agency for less and just photocopying it when you look for a new apartment.


Spring Moving Season 2013


Spring is here and apartments are being listed is droves.  I am hoping I can find one that I can afford which will meet my needs and be in my neighborhood.   The building I am in is likely heading towards being condemned now.  I have pets and a limited budget for rent, so finding a new home is going to be very difficult.

Last October a gas valve went up in flames and the safety failed to shut off the gas, so part of the building was on fire.  There was a previous fire in the same location just a month before. There were no fire alarms or smoke detectors in that part of the building to warn people to get out, and none were installed after the first fire.  My boyfriend left for work and ran back upstairs when he saw the fire trucks roll in because the second fire was a lot larger.

Yesterday, there was a major gas leak in the basement and emergency vehicles showed up in about ten to fifteen minutes from the gas company.  Gas was leaking from two different sources and we could have burned to death and/or been blown sky high.  This building is crumbling around us even if it weren’t for the fires and gas leak.  We called the landlord and he said he would be by to eventually fix it, but he never comes.  My toilet was leaking water onto the floor and he said he would be there the next morning and never came to repair it.  This gas leak was an emergency, the landlord is incompetent so we just told the people with the utilities to fix it that moment because we don’t want to burn to death.  I’m sure the other people in the building feel the same.


Buried in Spam

I’m poor enough to eat Spam, but I never did have a taste for the stuff.  That’s too bad, since I keep getting so much of it for free.  It seems that the paid, hosted version of WordPress gets hammered with spam comments that are just advertisements.  Some of them are just plain weird, like an accident attorney out in Las Vegas, ads to buy prescription antibiotics direct (which is illegal) and responses to the About section of thisd blog that make absolutely not logical sense whatsoever.

Please give me a break on the Spamming and submit something real!  I will very enthusiastic to receive an actual contribution.  Meanwhile, the rats in the basement where I live seem a bit hungry themselves as they have chewed another exit through to foundation and out to the street.


This is Not a Trap


I know this blog is new, yet the lack of response has been underwhelming.  It has recently occurred to me that maybe people think this is a trap of some kind.  Let me assure you, I mean business here.  I’m on my own bid to find a better place to live, and when I do I am going to unload on my own slumlord with a level of detail that will send any sensible readers that uses Google so far away from ever renting from any of the properties owned by said scum bag.

Looking at the people that have passed through my building, half of whom have broken their lease and skipped early, it is clear we fit in one of two categories.  We are either poor, dog owners or, in my case, both.  Another building owned by my slumlord is in equally Third World pitiful condition; the tenants there are poor, dog owners or foreign immigrants.  I actually walked a city building inspector through this mold ridden, rat-infested garbage dump of a building, and she found double digit violations and… nothing happened.  Absolutely nothing happened, even with the complaints that are serious threats to the safety of tenants living here.  We’re due for a porch collapse the way I figure it because this is what the back stair case looks like:

This is a totally 100% unmodified picture of the wood, and the whole thing looks like that.  The stair case is rotted and warped to hell and back.  This stair case is hidden behind a garage.  The slumlord replaced another staircase, one that can be seen from the alley, and ignored this one.  Life is grand when you’re afraid to take out your own trash.

It’s even better that another disgruntled tenant, a business owner on the fist floor, has started killing the rats himself.  The slumlord absolutely refuses to hire an exterminator, or any other kind of working professional.  The rat colony in our basement gnawed tunnels through the foundation of the building.  I can show you six places where my slumlord slathered on Quikrete and wooden boards over the exit holes.  One tenant that just moved out called it quits when his lease was up.  He went out for a smoke and there were nine fat rats on his back porch.



What my slumlord really needs to do is figure out how to charge rats rent.  They won’t ever get angry over his unwillingness to make repairs or improvements to the building.  They’re his perfect tenants, really.

Five Easy Ways to Avoid a Slumlord


Many people interpret “friendly” as being the same thing as “trustworthy”.  The average person may be better armed against the used car sales person than the landlord, but it is universally true that the con-artist is always very friendly and affable.  Con-artists need to disarm their prey.  When choosing a place to live, do not act like you’re looking for someone to join your bowling team.  Use these five easy steps to help yourself avoid a bad living situation before you sign a lease:

  1. Apartment finding and rental agencies work for the landlord.  They do not represent you; they get a fee for finding you for the owners.  Do not trust them to rule out bad living situations or guarantee good ones.  They are not in the business of ruling out business.
  2.  Google search the owner’s name and property address.  Information will build up over the course of time as angry tenants turn to online forums and review sites.  Bad owners and property management firms will start appearing with greater frequency online.
  3.  Use your eyes and look for problems.  If you see insect waste or things in need of repair, that is a red flag.  The apartment should be clean and move-in ready.  If there is a list of things to repair, replace or attend to before you move in, it is likely that none of these things will be fixed after you sign the lease.
  4.  Before you see the apartment or shortly after, lean on some doorbells and see if anyone in the building will talk to you.  Ask if they would recommend living there or recommend the landlord.  Talk to the tenants who are moving out if you can.  Be aware that if the current tenants seem fearful or avoid you, that is a problem in and of itself.  Happy tenants will have no trouble honestly telling you they like where they live and whom they rent from.
  5. Try to find the letter carrier for the postal service for that area.  He or she will know if there is high turnover in a building because the names keep changing.  My letter carrier knows which buildings are troubled in my neighborhood because people keep leaving them every six months or yearly.

This all amounts to a simple DIY background check.  Sensible people want a list of referrals for a child care provider, pet sitter or dog walker.  Do not treat a potential living situation as some kind of intuitive process; go flip over some rocks and see if you find anything slimy.  Approach renting with care and be proactive in your own best interests.

Slumlord Reported: Cecil A. Murray, 2516 W. Lyndale Street


Please add Cecil A. Murray and his 3-flat at 2516 W. Lyndale St. Chicago, IL 60647 to the slumlord database! Cecil Murray is the landlord (though he claims to be only the building manager) and enjoys giving people the runaround.

Just to sign the lease is a massive array of red-tape, which should have been my red-flag right there… On top of that- I had to put up a month and a half’s rent for the security deposit, which he only refunded one months worth when I finally got enough sense and subleased the joint out to someone else. I had to threaten to take him to small claims court just to get him to respond to my calls and texts. It was obvious he had been seeing the texts, because once I mentioned ‘small claims court’ he blew up my phone with nonsense about harassing him with nonstop phone calls…. it wasn’t even evident that he was receiving the phone calls, requesting me to stop, or rectifying the situation. Oh, and hey, he’s a cop, so all that good baggage comes with him as well… go figure.


The apartment looks good at first, but all the little mishaps really add up. First off, he owns two dogs that really have their own run of the place. They dominate the backyard and he really doesn’t clean up after them. At all. Maybe once every 3 days. Which, being 2 full grown siberian huskies, really adds up after 3 days. It was also unfortunate to live in the ground level apartment with 3 days worth of 2 siberian huskies’ poop sitting outside your window. The A/C unit is also jammed with their fur beyond cleaning. Requests to clean up after them fall on deaf ears, as Cecil Murray will spit a sob story about how he works long hours. Well, if you’re working 12 hrs a day, you probably don’t have the time to care for 2 dogs. Just sayin.


I found this place via Apartment Finders. And have regretted it ever since. Apartment Finders couldn’t really do much to help the situation for future tenants, so I’m hoping slumlord database can.


Rent at your own risk,
Former resident of 2516 W. Lyndale Chicago


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